Here are some testimonials that our amazing clients have left on our FB page. Thank you for allowing us to work with you on your self-care journey. If you wish to leave a testimonial regarding your visit with us, please visit the Facebook page and leave a review or submit via the "Contact Us" tab.  

"I had reading with Lisa Porter, she is very intuitive and is able to hear her guides. Her reading was spot on regarding my past and present and I am looking forward to my future as my goals become a reality." - Karen H-F

"I would very much recommend Venus if you are looking for an excellent, relaxing massage. She does such a great job and made me feel so relaxed after my session. I will definitely be going back to her soon!" - Erin L

"I have experienced multiple Reiki and IET sessions with Lisa. Both were excellent!!!
If you want to relax, release and feel good book a session or two and enjoy!!!!" - Lisa S.

"One of the best massages I have ever had. The atmosphere is warm and relaxing and Venus really took her time and gave a great massage! Would go back in a heart beat." - Mary Kay M.

"Had an Angel session with Lisa. The combination of angel reading and energy work led me into deep relaxation and good insights! Thank you Lisa for such a beautiful session! Looking forward to my next session with you!" - Rachael M.

"I took IET training with Lisa Porter and highly recommend her! Lisa is a gentle, kind and inspiring person who teaches with insight and humor. IET is a powerful means of moving energy and clearing physical and emotional tension. Can't say enough good things!" - Kristen B-A

"Venus is wonderful! I had a cupping session yesterday and she worked my back like an expert. The cupping soothed my muscles and helped my breathing - so much relief! She has amazing hands and a kind heart! Thank you Venus - you did a fantastic job. I highly recommend her and will definitely schedule another session." - Lisa P.

"I had energy work done by Lisa Porter and honestly couldn't believe how amazing I felt afterwards. She was so thorough and professional. Definitely recommend her." - Tamara J.

"I had a phenomenal massage with Venus today. Perfect amount of pressure! Bought a gift certificate for my husband and I can't wait to book another appointment for myself as well!" - Jennifer F-M

"I had my first cupping massage with Venus last week, and it was amazing, worth every cent. I am active but have a lot of chronic muscle tension, trigger points, pains from wear & tear, etc., and I both felt instant relief and am still feeling the therapeutic benefits. I am now a firm believer in the benefits of cupping! The cupping marks lasted about 5 days on my back and shoulders (my skin bruises easily) but the process was never painful. Venus also gave me after-care instructions to reap the best results. She is very professional and I highly recommend her cupping massage to anyone who has muscle knots and chronic muscle tension!" - Ali F.

"I had an energy session with Lisa, and she was amazing! She provided a calming and relaxing environment, and in review from her session, a lot of information resonated with me! Since the session, I have felt like a huge weight has lifted. I feel more positive and more focused on my daily tasks! Thank you again, Lisa, for a wonderful experience" - Stephanie S.

"Today I received my first cupping session & I loved it ! Although it tickled I felt a release of most of my tension in my back and my knees . Venus' space was so warm & inviting , I can't wait to come back." - Christiaa L.

"Venus gives a thorough and amazing massage. She has strong hands! Super experience!" - Dr. Pam D.

"Venus is amazing !! She gives the best massage ! Her hands are magic!" - Denice F-B

"Venus is the very best!! I have never had a better experience or massage! Highly recommend her!! She is also very intuitive and is amazing with her Reiki treatments. Venus is a total joy!!" - Kim D.

"I Love how comfortable she makes you feel and is really concerned with making you feel amazing! Cupping sessions are great. A must try! Will definitely be back again and again." - Destiny R.

"She's so good she puts me to sleep every time I go see her! I gotta try that cupping therapy on my next visit!" - Ricky M. 

"I recently had a massage with Venus and she absolutely has "the touch". Her massage was so relaxing even as she addressed my problem areas. Can't wait til my next appointment. I'll be telling everyone I know about her." - Leighton J.

"Awesome Venus with her awesome readings. Resonated so well with me! She brought me messages which helped me understand my situation a lot better and feel comfortable with what's in store for me, with respect to my career and relationship. I would highly recommend her for insightful readings. Great work, Thank You " - Sunshine S.